Rockwall High School
Jacket Choir

What is this?


For all students joining the Rockwall High School Choir program, you will submit a recording of yourself singing My Country, ‘Tis of Thee to give us a sample of your choral singing voice.

What are the directors looking for?


  • Do the singer's performed notes match those of the demo track?

  • Do the singer's performed rhythms match those of the demo track?

  • Does the singer exhibit the following:

    • Lack of tension

    • Spinning, supported air

    • Mouth space/shape

    • Appropriate placement

    • Appropriate musical style

  • Does the singer exhibit the following:

    • Pure vowels

    • Appropriate handling of diphthongs (avoiding “chewy” words)

    • Clear diction

    • Word stress/phrase shape

    • Slight growth on longer notes


How do I submit?


  1. Please use the Demo mp3 and PDF to practice "My Country, ‘Tis of Thee"

  2. You will only sing verse 1

  3. Ensure you are practicing with the above attributes in mind

  4. Once you are ready, use the Accompaniment mp3 while you record yourself singing

    • You may have to use more than one device to obtain a recording

  5. Use the final question of the Google Form to “Upload File”

    • File Size Limit = 1 GB


When do I submit?

Anytime before May 1st, 11:59pm


I’m feeling stressed!

Please don’t! You have plenty of time to listen to the demo track to learn one verse of this song. If time, your directors may be able to work with your class on the music to get you started, but you are in charge of recording yourself and submitting the Google Form below.