A Cappella Auditions

Friday, May 14th - Barrier Submission Due Online

Wednesday, May 26th - Callbacks @RHS PAC (Utley MS)

Further details describing how auditions will be conducted will be released at a later time.
Below is the format of the auditions:


Part 1: Barrier - Prepare a Solo | Due Friday, May 14th

Prepare a solo of your choice to show off your voice. It does not need to be flashy or filled with runs. Use a solo that you can do well that shows you at your best. We encourage you to use a back-up karaoke track (NOT the song itself, we do not want you to be singing along with the original artist). You will only need to sing the intro, one verse, and first chorus of the song, but you may keep going if desired.


Part 2A: Callbacks - Choreography

After Round 1, a list of students advancing to Round 2 will be posted. Round 2 will include learning choreography. This is not to see who is necessarily the best dancer, but how well the student can prepare, adapt, and receive instruction. Round 2 will also include a mock-rehearsal.


Part 2B: Callbacks - Mock Rehearsal

We will provide you with sheet music after the Barrier to look over before Callbacks. Be prepared on the music before you arrive. This round is to see how well you rehearse and how quickly you can adapt. This includes singing in quartets to see how strong you are on your own. Judges will assess individual ability to hold a part as well as preferable contribution to an ensemble sound.