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Alexis Gill

Voice teacher, Alexis Gill, is an operatic soprano who has been teaching private voice since 2014. Ms. Gill received her Master's of Music: Voice & Opera Performance with a pedagogy emphasis from the prestigious Northwestern University in Chicago, IL, and her Bachelor's of Music from Baldwin Wallace Conservatory. Ms. Gill has performed throughout the United States as well as crossed over to Europe in France, Germany, and Austria, where she spent several summers studying and performing with world-class conductors and coaches.

While a graduate student at Northwestern, Ms. Gill taught private voice lessons to undergraduate students at the university, as well as was the teaching assistant for the singers foreign language diction course. This course covered the international phonetic alphabet, diction terminology, and pronunciation rules for singing Italian, French, and German.

After her time living and performing abroad, Ms. Gill moved back to the States and found a home in the music community of DFW where she could share her love for singing and teaching. Ms. Gill has gone on to teach styles consisting of classical opera, choral, musical theatre, as well as contemporary pop. A versatile singer is a successful one.

Ms. Gill has a passion for helping students find their true voice. Her lessons are built to set her students up for success by providing tools for efficient and effortless singing technique while in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere. Freeing one's mindset of any inhibitions makes room to free the voice. Her primary focus is on respiration and breath management,
as well as developing a concept of clear, well-aligned vowels as to not impede air-flow and expression.

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