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It is imperative that all students have access to an equitable delivery of arts education that includes dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts that supports their educational, social, and emotional well-being, taught by certified professional arts educators in partnership with community arts providers.

Concert Hall
Image by Omar Flores

About Rockwall High School Jacket Choir

Since opening its doors, the Rockwall High School Choir program has been achieving the highest standard of musical excellence. Students involved in choral music have the opportunity to participate in a variety of ensembles, including Treble Choir, Jacket Men, Treble Select, Chorale, Sting, and Walk the Line. Through participation in any of these ensembles, students are afforded the opportunity to achieve the following goals of the program:

  • Attain a healthy sound through the exploration of vocal technique and good body position.

  • Develop strong musicianship through the performance of “quality” choral literature, such as:

    • singing with line

    • singing with proper diction and articulation

    • singing with expression

    • singing as an ensemble

  • Sing in a variety of styles, languages, and ensembles.

  • Learn through teamwork a sense of responsibility and commitment through a variety of performance opportunities.

  • Achieve a better appreciation, understanding, and respect for choral and vocal literature through performance and experience.

Students are presented with the opportunity to build individual musicianship skills through small ensembles and solo performance opportunities throughout the school year.

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